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A t Gauranga Technologies, meeting our customers’ and partners’ expectations is our key priority. We have been in the industry for over 10 years with over 100’s of satisfied customers. As ever, we will continue to produce amazing updates and products for our customer base.

Driven by technology and ethics, we at Gauranga Technologies are committed to delivering best value to all our stakeholders and customers likewise.

We have a very strong expertise in design and development of embedded systems, application software and end-to-end aesthetic product solutions. We are capable of developing solutions and partner as OEM for any customer specific requirements or projects.

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Trust by leading organizations

“During our association with Gauranga Infotech Private Limited, we found them to be technically strong, capable, and committed to delivering high-quality software”

Yvonne Li

Mobi 33 Inc

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“During our working with Gauranga InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., we found them technically competent, sincere, committed, innovative, sensitive to the requirements, and highly cooperative”

Christian R Neilsen

Strojkov Engineering

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“During our association with Gauranga Infotech Private Limited, we found them very efficient and capable of delivering very high-quality work at very affordable costs”

Rupa Ragunath

Food for Life Vrindavan

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“The Solutions that Gauranga Soft-Tech Private Limited have implemented in Tata Power are fully functional are being currently in use”

Sachin Gurao

The TATA Power Company Limited

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“It’s been a great experience working with Gauranga Group. We are happy with the Quality of their products and the support extended by the team.”

Ankur Gupta

Amplus KN One Power Private Limited

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“During our last two years of association with Gauranga Infotech Private Limited, we found them to be technically competent, cooperative, and committed to delivery”

C Rajagopalan

The TATA Power Company Limited

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Our Customers

Case Studies

Alarm Multiplexor

The client is one of the largest integrated power companies with a significant international presence. From Fuel and Logistics to Generation and Transmission to Distribution and Trading exploring various renewable sources of energy in India and globally it now has a significant presence in wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal energy space.

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Lamination Machine Controller

This customer is into the production of laminating machines for the different production house and advertisement industries. The customer had a cold-pressed lamination model, which ran on simple relays and contactor logic. The customer wants to upgrade to the hot roller lamination model, with a more sophisticated control and display. The customer approached Gauranga for the design and development of the microcontroller-based solution, which can run the machine and precisely control the temperature of rollers.

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Solar 4G IOT logger

This customer is into solar roof top plants solution with end customers mainly industrial segments, where there is large power consumption and roof top is available. Once the plant is erected, monitoring the plant performance has become very crucial for them. Initially they were using off the shelf IOT devices, but they were very costly and doesn’t offer any customized solutions.

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