Cold Storage Watchdog (CSWDA)

Legit Cue


The food processing industry largely depends on cold storage houses. Cold storage houses need to maintain the temperature within range and an increase or decrease in temperature would result in spoilage of the products or produce. Monitoring temperature and other safety parameters are very critical in the cold storage house to safeguard the produce and also equipment. Cold Storage Watchdog, monitors the temperature along with other environmental parameters such as fire, smoke, humidity, etc. Whenever there are changes in the set parameters it will send alerts such as pre-recorded voice alarms to alert nearby users, and SMS and pre-recorded voice calls to alert remote users. It also has the facility to generate email alerts so that the user has the convenience of looking into the alarm conditions. All the alerts are configurable according to your requirements. It will be a worthy investment to safeguard the machinery and the produce stored in the cold storage house.


Cold storage plant

Chiller plant

Process industry

Food processing industry


Quick and assured response

Monitors the permissible environment conditions

Stand-alone system and has less maintenance

Ready to configure and easy to use

Low power consumption

Safeguard the produce and machines