Annunciation System


LVS Annunciation system replaces your traditional hardware wired system, to bring the attention of the operators to the different alarm conditions. It has OPC connectivity for fetching the alarm data. It will occupy a portion of the top screen so that other software in the operator station is visible to the operator. It prioritizes the alarms, shows different color coding, gives sound conditions, has the facility to acknowledge the alarms, etc. In a nutshell, it is a full-fledged smart alarm panel running on the operator stations.


Cost-effective solutions in the place of hardware annunciation system

Multiple instances can be deployed for different operators

Maximize the visibility by prioritizing the alarms and color coding

Grouping and banding the alarms make things handy for the operator

Easy to operate from the operator station


Offers grouping of alarms in different bands

Offers color coding for different alarms

Compatible with LVS displays

Apart from alarm bands also offers LED displays similar to the traditional system

Prioritize the alarms with the recent one on the front

Offers alarm buzzer capability, with an option for mute

Mouse over a functionality to show the details of particular alarms