Server Watchdog (SWDXA)

Canny Guard


The server watchdog monitors the server and also the server environment. It also has the facility to connect temperature, fire, smoke, and humidity sensors which are installed in the server room. Whenever a server goes down or any other alarm gets activated, the device generates varieties of alarms such as pre-recorded voice-based call alerts to remote users. In addition to that, it can generate e-mail alerts also so that user has the convenience of looking into the alarm conditions. All these types of alerts are completely configurable depending on the user’s requirements. Server Watchdog can monitor internet-based servers also, apart from internet-based servers, apart from intranet-based servers, and any other IP-based devices. Our product will be a worthy investment for securing both hardware assets and data assets.


Industrial automation server rooms

IT and IT-enabled industry server rooms

Data hosting centers

Bank and hospital server rooms


Quick and assured alerts for server status

Monitors the server room

Standalone system and no risk of virus attacks

Ready to configure and easy to use

Low power consumption