Legit Cue

The Food Process Industry largely depends on cold storage houses. Cold storage houses need to maintain the temperature within range; an increase or decrease in temperature would result in spoilage of the products or produce. Monitoring temperature and other safety parameters are critical in the cold storage house to safeguard the produce and equipment. Cold Storage Watchdog, monitors the temperature along with other environmental parameters such as fire, smoke, humidity, etc. Whenever there are changes in the set parameters our product will send alerts such as pre-recorded voice alarms to alert nearby users, and SMS and pre-recorded voice calls to alert remote users. Our product also has the facility to generate email alerts so that the user has the convenience of looking into the alarm conditions. All the signals are configurable according to the user’s requirements. Our product will be a worthy investment to safeguard the machinery and the produce stored in the cold storage house.

Incisive Curator

Industrial Web IO Module is an internet-enabled device, which helps to achieve internet-based data gathering and control operations. Web IO Module is a cost-effective solution running on standalone code with necessary internet capabilities such as HTTP protocol for server connectivity, SMTP for any mailing operations, SNTP for internet time synchronization, etc. Web IO module also ensures data continuity with the help of local storage. All the devices are internet programmable and can be automatically updated with the latest firmware. Web IO has a range of inputs and four relay outputs for different field devices. Web IO can take the commands back from the server and trigger particular outputs. Apart from this it also runs a simple logic parser, with which output action can be triggered based on any input condition or time.

Monitor your plant online

Intig is a versatile device designed to cater to various industries, enabling plants to monitor and control online. It collects data from multiple field devices through standard and custom protocols on the RS485/Ethernet bus. It also collects data from various digital and analog inputs from field sensors connected to it on the respective ports of the device. This data collected is assimilated and posted to the web server in key-value pairs, which is parsed by the server software and presented on the web portal for analytics purpose. The device can also cater to different industries such as solar, windmill, data centers, etc.

Veracious SOS

Mobile Technology is creating wonders around the globe. We at Gauranga have used this technology in industrial usage to speed up the communication process. Every Industry has a standard protocol set for safety measures; where there is a deviation from that, the system alerts the pre-configured users with voice call alerts. Call Alert Module has an industry-standard Modbus TCP/IP interface which makes it compatible with a range of SCADA, HMI, and PLCs, and also has an inbuilt codec and GSM Module. With the help of SCADA or PLC, the Modbus Call Alert Module can trigger a pre-recorded voice call to a pre-configured mobile number and play the pre-recorded voice file. The voice file is stored on the Micro SD Card. The Micro SD Card has a 24bit codec for voice clarity and supports multilingual voice recording. The Module can also maintain the log of each call for further analysis.

Smart Laconic Logger

Ethernet Modbus Data Logger is an advanced data logger which allows the user to gather data from different serial Modbus RTUs at regular intervals. It gathers all this data and archives it as CSV files. Ethernet Modbus Data Logger has inbuilt RTC, which helps the system to time stamp the data as and when it is gathered. EMD has an inbuilt Ethernet interface that helps the user to download the log files from anywhere in the Local Area Network. There is no need to shut down the system to recover the data. Users can simply download the CSV files, whilst EMDL will continue to log the data without any interruptions. EMDL offers a versatile web interface for data download and also for configuring the device. All the configuration pages are password protected. Users can browse the device anywhere from LAN and set the required configurations and download the desired files.

Astute Messaging

SMS Alert Module sends out alerts to industrial automation, building automation, fire safety and similar applications, where the timely alert to multiple people are important. SMS alert module has standard Modbus TCP/IP interface which makes it compatible with most of SCADAs and PLCs etc. Based on the alarm, it sends pre-configured SMS text to pre-configured mobile numbers. In this way even when user is far off he can get to know the systems alarm and take preventive measures by connecting to control room. By this user can have control on the system even from remote location.

Assertive Utterance

Voice Alert Module is a unique and innovative product that can generate pre-recorded voice alerts based on the Modbus TCP/IP Network commands. In the industry, hooters/buzzers are generally used to alert users in case of alarms. In such a scenario, the users understand that it is an emergency but they have to go through the SCADA or HMI to understand the warnings and this causes a time delay. With our voice, alert module users can instantly get to know the alarm information through the pre-recorded voice messages and save time and be well-equipped to handle the situation.

Online Realtime Energy monitoring

Data gathering is one of the painstaking tasks in the industry especially when it comes to Energy analysis, where it needs reliable low cost solutions. General method of using the desktop will be slow and prone to down time of such desktops. Gauranga Power Meter Gateway (PMG GPRS) fills the gap. PMG GPRS is cost effective device which can hook up to Energy Meters or any device which has Modbus RTU protocol. It can be configured to read the data on particular interval and post the data to the local sever or internet based servers. In case of any server down time, PMG GPRS will time stamp the data and store it locally and restored later. PMG GPRS is highly configurable and can read up to 500 parameters. With simple scripts data can be easily inserted into the database. PMG GPRS does not have any built in operating system and thus is not probed to any type of virus attack, and works on low power.

Agile Energy Monitoring

Power Meter Gateway is a cost-effective device that can hook up to energy matters or any other device with Modbus RTU protocol. It can be configured to read the data on a particular interval and post the data to the local server or internet-based servers. In case of any server downtime, Power Meter Gateway will timestamp the data and store it locally. When the server is back online all the data will be automatically sent to the server. In this way, Power Meter Gateway ensures the data is available 24/7. Power Meter is highly configurable and can read up to 500 parameters. It has an inbuilt Micro SD card which gives a storage capacity of 4 GB. It runs a small web server that can be used to configure the device and also monitor its performance. Power Meter Gateway uses an HTTP medium to communicate with the server, making it compatible with internet-based servers. With simple scripts, data can be easily inserted into the database. Power Meter Gateway doesn’t have an inbuilt operating system and is not prone to any virus attacks and saves energy. Power Meter Gateway also works in tandem with our EMS solutions.

Canny Guard

The server Watchdog monitors the server and also the server environment. It also has the facility to connect temperature, fire, smoke, and humidity sensors which are installed in the server room. Whenever a server goes down or any other alarm gets activated, the device generates various alarms such as pre-recorded voice-based call alerts to remote users. In addition to that, it can generate e-mail alerts so that users can conveniently look into the alarm conditions. All these types of alerts are entirely configurable depending on the user’s requirements. Server Watchdog can monitor internet-based servers also, apart from internet-based servers, apart from intranet-based servers, and any other IP-based devices. Our product will be a worthy investment for securing both hardware assets and data assets.

Generate SMS, Call, Voice Alert

The traditional legacy SCADA systems are not equipped to send alerts to mobile users nor would be able to play localized multi-language warning messages for the local operator. The SYS Alert Module comes into the picture for this purpose The Sys Alert Module plugs into the system through Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus RTU RS485 standard communication with the SCADA or PLC or any other system. It is equipped to be configured as a Master or Slave System. In the case of the Master, it will monitor the values and trigger the SMS/Voice/Call and in the case of the Slave device, it will trigger the SMS/Voice/Call whenever it receives the command. SYS Alert is fully configurable for a different range of alarms from Voice/SMS/Call for different tag values.


Document Management System

DMS is a web-based document management system that builds a digital repository of business information assets to assist knowledge creation and improves business decision-making. DMS manages the creation, storage, version, approval, and consumption of documents more efficiently and effectively. DMS integrates all essential document management, collaboration, and advanced search functionality into one easy-to-use solution.

Dynamic log books

In all the Industrial Plants, the Operations department of all divisions plays a critical role in generating power at high reliability, competitive tariff, and safe plant operation. Control room logging activity in E-Log form will help to build technical competency, ease of data retrieval, and retention. E-Log application will allow the user to enter daily logs, view archived logs, export logs into excel formats, view the follow-up, and manage the data of shifts.

Annunciation System

LVS Annunciation system replaces the traditional hardware wired system, to bring the attention of the operators to the different alarm conditions. It has OPC connectivity for fetching the alarm data. It will occupy a portion of the top screen so that other software in the operator station is visible to the operator. It prioritizes the alarms, shows different color coding, gives sound conditions, has the facility to acknowledge the alarms, etc. In nutshell, it is a full-fledged smart alarm panel running on the operator stations.

Monitor the health of the plant

The Plant Analyzer software monitors the health of the plant and helps improve operational efficiency by proactively highlighting possible alarms and trippings ahead of time. It indicates the various parameter alerts ahead of time by monitoring the rate of change of parameter and predicting the time in which a parameter and predicting the time in which parameter value could the alarm/critical level, thus allowing the maintenance engineer/manager to take preventive action. The Plant alert software connects with the plant database using PI/OSI (OPC) interfaces and uses that data to monitor the configured parameters.