Hardware Products 


Monitor your plant online

Intig is a versatile device designed to cater to various industries for enabling the plants to online monitoring and control. It collects data from various field devices through standard protocols and custom protocols on the RS485/Ethernet bus. It also collects data from various digital and analog inputs from field sensors connected to it on the respective ports of the device. This data collected is assimilated and posted to web server in key-value pairs, which is parsed by the server software and presented on web portal for analytics purpose. The device can also cater to different industries such as solar, wind mill, data centers etc.


Online Real-time Energy monitoring

Data gathering is one of the painstaking tasks in the industry especially when it comes to Energy analysis, where it needs reliable low cost solutions. General method of using the desktop will be slow and prone to down time of such desktops. Gauranga Power Meter Gateway (PMG GPRS) fills the gap. PMG GPRS is cost effective device which can hook up to Energy Meters or any device which has Modbus RTU protocol. It can be configured to read the data on particular interval and post the data to the local sever or internet based servers. In case of any server down time, PMG GPRS will time stamp the data and store it locally and restored later. PMG GPRS is highly configurable and can read up to 500 parameters. With simple scripts data can be easily inserted into the database. PMG GPRS does not have any built in operating system and thus is not probed to any type of virus attack, and works on low power.

Modbus SMS Alert (SMSTA)

Astute Messaging

SMS Alert Module sends out alerts to industrial automation, building automation, fire safety and similar applications, where the timely alert to multiple people are important. SMS alert module has standard Modbus TCP/IP interface which makes it compatible with most of SCADAs and PLCs etc. Based on the alarm, it sends pre-configured SMS text to pre-configured mobile numbers. In this way even when user is far off he can get to know the systems alarm and take preventive measures by connecting to control room. By this user can have control on the system even from remote location.

Modbus Voice Alert (VAMTB)

Assertive Utterance

Voice Alert Module is a unique and innovative product which can generate pre-recorded voice alerts based on the commands on Modbus TCP/IP Network. In the industry generally, hooters/buzzers are used to alert the users in case of alarms. In such scenario the users understand that it is an emergency but they have to go through the SCADA or HMI to understand the alarms and this causes time delay. With our voice alert module user can instantly get to know the alarm information through the pre-recorded voice messages and save time and be well equipped to handle the situation.