Industrial Web IO Module (IOMVA)

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Industrial Web IO Module is an internet-enabled device, which helps to achieve internet-based data gathering and control operations. It is a cost-effective solution running on standalone code with necessary internet capabilities such as HTTP protocol for server connectivity, SMTP for any mailing operations, SNTP for internet time synchronization, etc. It also ensures data continuity with the help of local storage. All the devices are internet programmable and can be automatically updated with the latest firmware. It has a range of inputs and four relay outputs for different field devices. It can take the commands back from the server and trigger particular outputs. Apart from this it also runs a simple logic parser, with which output action can be triggered based on any input condition or time.


Energy monitor solutions

Renewable energy monitor solutions

Internet-enabled IO solutions

Agriculture pump monitor solutions


Integration of field data to the server room

Collects different multiple types of data inputs

No data loss due to managed network connectivity

Internet-based control operations

Internet-based data logging