Generate SMS, Call, Voice Alert


The traditional legacy SCADA systems are not equipped to send alerts to mobile users nor would be able to play localized multi-language warning messages for the local operator. The SYS Alert Module comes into the picture for this purpose The Sys Alert Module plugs into the system through Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus RTU RS485 standard communication with the SCADA or PLC or any other system. It is equipped to be configured as a Master or Slave System. In the case of the Master, it will monitor the values and trigger the SMS/Voice/Call and in the case of the Slave device, it will trigger the SMS/Voice/Call whenever it receives the command. SYS Alert is fully configurable for a different range of alarms from Voice/SMS/Call for different tag values.


Power plants

Process plants

Building Automation

Fire safety panels

General Alarm notification


Remote alerts to Engineers and managers

Easy and simple to integrate

Escalation of alerts to different people

Helps Engineers to timely intervene the plant problems

Low power and cost-effective device

Multi-language localized voice message helps to understand the alarm quickly