25kVA Inverter


Founded in 1958, our client has a long-standing tradition and experience in developing, designing, manufacturing, and marketing Power Semiconductor, Power Electronic Equipments, and Railway Transportation Equipments. It is the major supplier of 25kVA inverters for AC coaches. The under-slung Inverters are built on Technical know-how from our collaborators. It offers unique features like Natural cooling. AC Coach Inverter 25kVA.


The customer wanted to overcome production challenges for the control system of the inverter such as reducing the number of wirings for inter-connections, increase in failure rate, and multiple design changes as the company was using the traditional method. Gauranga took up the challenge for the design developments in the control system followed by validations as per the customer’s requirements.

Gauranga Soft-Tech offers outsourced design, development, and support services to hardware and software companies. We excel in providing hardware and software product engineering services. Our service portfolio includes software design and development services, application management services, hardware design, and development services, and custom manufacturing services.


  • Requirement Analysis and understanding of the system.

  • Schematic and layout design as per client specifications.

  • Prototype board manufacturing for firmware development and field testing

  • Testing and validation at site locations with various trials.

  • Optimizations based on customer feedback.

  • Testing as per RDSO standards.

  • Documentation for Transfer of Technology.


  • Tools – OrCAD, MPLAB IDE, Multisim.

  • Testing instruments – DSO, Power Meter, Clamp Meter, DC Power supply (HV and LV), Temperature scanner.

  • Inverter System and AC coaches from the customer.

The Solution

  • The requirement of the product was completely new technology to work with for Gauranga engineers. The new technology challenge was overcome by analyzing the sections of the inverter system in-depth and understanding the basic functionality that it worked on.

  • Major bugs were also identified during validations which were resolved in subsequent versions.

  • Field trials in AC coaches required more optimizations as conditions were completely different from the client site office.

  • Gauranga engineer’s worked closely with the client which resulted in the final product being comparatively similar in functionality but with advanced technology as per the existing system.


With the design development solution provided by Gauranga, the customer has been able to meet the following:

  • Reduction in the total cost of the end product.

  • Improved product quality.

  • Simpler diagnostics and debugging in servicing procedure of the product.

  • Gauranga becoming one of the customer’s vendors for manufacturing and production of future 25kVA inverter control boards.