When The Planets Align Online Real-time Energy monitoring Introduction Data gathering is one of the painstaking tasks in the industry especially when it comes to energy analysis, where it needs reliable low-cost solutions. The general method of using the desktop will be slow and [...]



When The Planets Align Monitor your plant online Introduction Intig is a versatile device designed to cater to various industries for enabling the plants to online monitoring and control. It collects data from various field devices through standard and custom protocols on the [...]



When The Planets Align Generate SMS, Call, Voice Alert Introduction The traditional legacy SCADA systems are not equipped to send alerts to mobile users nor would be able to play localized multi-language warning messages for the local operator. The SYS Alert Module comes into the picture for this purpose [...]

Server Watchdog (SWDXA)


When The Planets Align Canny Guard Introduction The server watchdog monitors the server and also the server environment. It also has the facility to connect temperature, fire, smoke, and humidity sensors which are installed in the server room. Whenever a server goes down or any other alarm gets activated, the [...]

Cold Storage Watchdog (CSWDA)


When The Planets Align Legit Cue Introduction The food processing industry largely depends on cold storage houses. Cold storage houses need to maintain the temperature within range and an increase or decrease in temperature would result in spoilage of the products or produce. Monitoring temperature and other safety parameters [...]

Industrial Web IO Module (IOMVA)


When The Planets Align Incisive Curator Introduction Industrial Web IO Module is an internet-enabled device, which helps to achieve internet-based data gathering and control operations. It is a cost-effective solution running on standalone code with necessary internet capabilities such as HTTP protocol for server connectivity, SMTP for any mailing [...]

Power Meter Gateway (PMGXA)


When The Planets Align Agile Energy Monitoring Introduction Power Meter Gateway is a cost-effective device that can hook up to energy matters or any other device which has Modbus RTU protocol. It can be configured to read the data on a particular interval and post the data to the [...]

Modbus Data Logger (MDLEA)


When The Planets Align Smart Laconic Logger Introduction The Ethernet Modbus Data logger is an advanced data logger which allows you to gather data from different serial Modbus RTUs at regular intervals. It gathers all this data and archives it as CSV files. Ethernet Modbus Data Logger has inbuilt [...]

Modbus Call Alert (SMSTA)


When The Planets Align Veracious SOS Introduction Mobile technology is creating wonders around the globe. We at Gauranga have used this technology in industrial usage to speed up the communication process. Every industry has a standard protocol set for safety measures and where there is a deviation from that, [...]

Modbus Voice Alert (VAMTB)


When The Planets Align Assertive Utterance Introduction Voice Alert Module is a unique and innovative product that can generate pre-recorded voice alerts based on the commands on Modbus TCP/IP Network. In the industry generally, hooters/buzzers are used to alert the users in case of [...]

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