Plant Analyzer (PLNTANLYSR)

Monitor the health of your plant


The Plant Analyzer software monitors the health of your plant and helps improve operational efficiency by proactively highlighting possible alarms and trippings ahead of time. It indicates the various parameter alerts ahead of time by monitoring the rate of change, of parameters, and predicting the time in which a parameter value could be the alarm/critical level, thus allowing the maintenance engineer/manager to take preventive action. The Plant Alert software connects with the plant database using PI/OSI (OPC) interfaces and uses that data to monitor the configured parameters.


Thermal power plants

Hydro power plants

Chemical processing plants

Cement plants

Other industrial plants


Increase the lifespan of equipment

Increase the subsystem efficiency

Reduce unplanned plant downtime

Predict scheduled maintenance

Predict equipment health and life

Timely intimation of faults through alarms

Localized voice alert to understand the alarms