Modbus Data Logger (MDLEA)

Smart Laconic Logger


The Ethernet Modbus Data logger is an advanced data logger which allows you to gather data from different serial Modbus RTUs at regular intervals. It gathers all this data and archives it as CSV files. Ethernet Modbus Data Logger has inbuilt RTC, which helps the system to time stamp the data as and when it is gathered. EMD has an inbuilt ethernet interface that helps the user to download the log files from anywhere in the local area network. There is no need to shut down the system to recover the data. Users can simply download the CSV files, whilst EMDL will continue to log the data without any interruptions. It offers a versatile web interface for data download and also for configuring the device. All the configuration pages are password protected. Users can browse the device anywhere from LAN and set the required configurations and download the desired files.


Industrial automation data logging

Temperature and energy monitoring

PLC data monitoring

Process parameter monitoring

Energy audit application


For monitoring and analyzing the data for quality and logging purposes

Ideal for paperless records

Ready to use and easy to configure

Low power consumption

No software is required for the configuration of the data

Download the file from anywhere on the local network