Online Real-time Energy monitoring


Data gathering is one of the painstaking tasks in the industry especially when it comes to energy analysis, where it needs reliable low-cost solutions. The general method of using the desktop will be slow and prone to downtime of such desktops. Gauranga’s Power Meter Gateway (PMG GPRS) fills the gap. PMG GPRS is a cost-effective device that can hook up to energy meters or any device with Modbus RTU protocol. It can be configured to read the data at a particular interval and post the data to the local server or internet-based servers. In case of any server downtime, PMG GPRS will time-stamp the data and store it locally, and restore it later. PMG GPRS is highly configurable and can read up to 500 parameters. With simple scripts, data can be easily inserted into the database. PMG GPRS does not have any built-in operating system and thus is not probed to any type of virus attack, and works on low power.


Energy monitoring applications

Solar applications

Smart City Applications

Internet-based monitoring and data logging applications


Plug and play gateway for data gathering

Enables internet-based monitoring

Ensures data connectivity

Low cost and low power device

Inbuilt storage facility


Monitor energy or general data logging.

RTC Timestamp.

Configuration via USB port.

Local Storage of data in case of server downtime.

Ability to send data to the internet-based server

Firmware update feature for future updates.

Low power and small footprint.