Modbus Call Alert (SMSTA)

Veracious SOS


Mobile technology is creating wonders around the globe. We at Gauranga have used this technology in industrial usage to speed up the communication process. Every industry has a standard protocol set for safety measures and where there is a deviation from that, the system alerts the pre-configured users with voice call alerts. Call Alert Module has an industry-standard Modbus TCP/IP interface which makes it compatible with a range of SCADA, HMI, and PLCs, and also has an inbuilt codec and GSM Module. The Modbus Call Alert Module, with the help of SCADA or PLC, can trigger a pre-recorded voice call to a pre-configured mobile number and plays the pre-recorded voice file. The voice file is stored in the Micro SD Card. The Micro SD Card has a 24bit codec for voice clarity and supports multilingual voice recording. The Module can also maintain the log of each call for further analysis.


Industrial Automation

Building Automation

Fire Safety Panels

General Alarm Notifications


Pre-recorded voice-based call alerts for different alarms

Clear voice notification of alarms to the remote users

Multi-lingual voice alarm for different users

Reliable instant communication

Industry-standard Modbus TCP/IP interface

Simple and easy to integrate

Less power consumption