Power Meter Gateway is a cost-effective device that can hook up to energy matters or any other device which has Modbus RTU protocol. It can be configured to read the data on a particular interval and post the data to the local server or internet-based servers. In case of any server downtime, Power Meter Gateway will timestamp the data and store it locally. When the server is back online all the data will be automatically sent to the server. In this way, Power Meter Gateway ensures the data is available 24/7. Power Meter is highly configurable and can read up to 500 parameters. It has an inbuilt Micro SD card which gives a storage capacity of 4 GB. It runs a small web server that can be used to configure the device and also monitor its performance. Power Meter Gateway uses an HTTP medium to communicate to the server which makes it compatible with internet-based servers. With simple scripts, data can be easily inserted into the database. Power Meter Gateway doesn’t have an inbuilt operating system and is not prone to any type of virus attacks and saves energy. Power Meter Gateway also works in tandem with our EMS solutions.