Management Information System


Management Information System (MIS) is a completely web based application that allows users to capture the data from multiple sources and present data in Dashboards, Trends, Reports and Alarms. MIS System provides various types of Dashboards, Reports and Trends. This can be configured by Administrator from Admin module. Reports can be exported into User defined Excel format or print from MIS System. Data archiving can be possible from MIS windows services. Data can be exported into particular file system and same data can be imported for generating historical reports from MIS System.

Data polling can be possible from MIS System. The frequency of data polling divided into 3 different timings such as 1 second, 5 seconds and 1 minute.

MIS System provides an Admin Section from which Administrator can be able to configure MIS System as per requirement. Administrator can configure Dashboards, Reports, Trends, Users, Roles, and Alarms. Admin module can gather all the tags from various servers and provide it to Administrator for saving into the master table for configuring them.




  • OPC Enabled Application with AE and DA server

  • Communication with OPC ,DA and AE Server

  • Alarms (Live Data from multiple OPC AE Servers)

- Configurable no. of alarms to be shown on single screen

- Freeze and Unfreeze Live Alarm Screen

- Group the Alarms

- View all alarms or selected alarms on single screen (depends on the group to be selected)

- View Live Alarm screen in full screen

  • Send SMS or Email for preconfigured alarms
  • MIMIC View
- Live data on screen (Data from OPC DA Servers

- Facility to upload the background image for particular MIMIC

- View MIMIC in Full screen
  • Historical Data Reports

- View Reports in Web Browser (Data from OPC DA Server)

- Facility to configure and upload preconfigured Excel Report Template

- Generate reports in Excel document (Data from OPC DA Server)

- Schedule the reports

- Send scheduled reports via emails

- Alarm Reports (Data from OPC AE Server)
  • Trends

- Live Trends with multiple Y axes for comparing and observing Live Data from multiple OPC DA Servers

- Freeze and Unfreeze the Live Trend Screen

- Historian Trends with multiple Y axes for comparing and observing Historical Data from multiple OPC DA Servers

  • Admin Screens for managing and configuring the Users, OPC Servers, MIMICs, Trends, Alarms, escalation of emails and SMS

  • System Generated Logs

  • User authentication based system

  • Capture the data from OPC Servers (i.e. OPC AE Servers and OPC DA Servers)

  • Historical OPC Data Export and Import

  • Service Monitor



  • 50 clients for Custom Excel Report Configuration (the no. of clients depends on license to be purchased)

  • Maximum 8 Tags can be compared in the Trends in a single screen.

  • Maximum 100 concurrent clients are supported to view MIMIC.

  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 786.

  • Customizable Data polling Frequency starting from 5Sec to 1 Hour.

  • Maximum 1000 Tags per frequency. This is dependent on the server hardware and storage capabilities.

  • Maximum 800 Live Alarms on a single screen.

  • Unlimited number of MIMICs. Maximum 40 Tags per MIMIC.

  • Historical Data Archive Storage up to 1 year on Server.

  • Storage size calculations/per year (number of year can be multiplied based on this):



Storage Space

5 seconds


50 GB

1 minute


5 GB



  • Capture, Monitor and Track Plant operational parameters
  • Alerts and Notification

  • Real time data presentation in Alarm, MIMIC and Trend

  • Historical data presentation in Tabular structured Reports and Trend

  • Custom Report Configuration and Generation

  • Export Reports to MS Excel

  • View Historical Data