HR Solutions

HR Solutions

Gauranga Soft-Tech provides you with HRIS software which manages all your HR activities. It is a web based software and it enables all the employees to get connected with each other. You can use this software to handle various HR activities like tracking employee time, attendance system, employee management, training management etc.



Employee Master

  1. Manages Employee related information
    • Personal details, Family, Education and Identification
    • Employment History, Promotions and transfer etc
    • Department History, Hierarchy etc
  2. Employee self service portal enables and empowers Employees to self manage their information
  3. Add on modules available for Hiring, CV Management, Birthday Greetings etc


Travel Management Module

  1. Employees can manage their travel
    • Search in real time for flights and trains based on price, departure, arrival, airline etc
    • Plan, View, Change, Cancel Itineraries
    • Upload/View boarding pass
    • Guest House & Car requests can be linked to travel requests
    • Request Travel advance, Enter Travel related expenses
  2. Managers can manage travels of their employees
    • Approve/reject travel requests
    • Review travel expenses


Training and Development Module

  1. Enables HR and Managers to manage Employee training requirements
  2. Manages Training courses, faculty, batch enrollments, training expenses
  3. Integrates with Employee IPD
  4. Workflow and process based
    • In-built training request and approval process


Attendance Management

  1. Enables Administration departments to track employee attendance
  2. Integrates with the industry's leading access control systems
  3. Manual punch-in and punch-out support
  4. Extensive employee attendance reporting capability


Leave Management

  1. Enables HR and Admin departments to track employee leaves
  2. Leave composition can be customized
    • Working hours and shift hours can be defined per location
    • Holidays can be defined per location
    • Types and number of leaves can be customized
  3. Workflow and process based
    • In-built leave request and approval mechanism
    • Customizable multi level approval support
    • Leaves can be recommended
  4. Email and SMS Notification for leave requests and approval


Payroll Management

  1. Fully automates payroll processing
    • Fully integrates with other HR Modules
    • Attendance, Leave data automatically processed
    • Generates Payslips, Salary Sheets, Bank Transfer Instructions & various other HR, Salary and MIS reports
    • Generates accurate challans / annual returns for all statutory dues (PF, ESI, PT, TDS etc)
  2. Extensive reporting capabilities
    • Employee report, attendance report, Leave report, Leave statement
    • Report designer to design custom reports
    • Payroll data export and import support
  3. Extensive customization support
    • Deductions, Benefits can be customized
  4. Email and SMS Notification during payroll processing


Guest House

Guest House Management is an innovative software for the management of reservations/bookings of the guest houses, hotels, etc. It provides online booking request, guest house current availability status, etc and by using this software, the user can send the guest house requests and also view the allotment status. It is simple to install and user friendly software.

  1. Employees.
  2. Manager.
  3. Location Administrator.
  4. Location Administrator and Manager.
  5. Super Administrator.