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In all Industrial Plants, Operations department of all divisions play a critical role in generating power at high reliability, competitive tariff and safe plant operation. Control room logging activity in E-Log form will help to build the technical competency, ease of data retrieval and retention. E-log application will allow the user to enter daily logs, view archived logs, export logs into excel formats, view the follow up's and manage the data of shifts.





  • Location-wise, Role-wise and Shift-wise Electronic Logbook Entry

  • User based authentication

  • Color coded information to identify the grey area quickly

  • Archive Data Display

- Search by Date range, Role-wise, Shift-wise and Location-wise

  • Various types of user authenticated reports and facility to export into MS Excel format

- Attendance Report

- Shift Defects Report

- Manning Details Report

- Equipment not Available Report

- Over time Report

- Night Shift Report

- Additional Comments by System admin Report

- Leave Report

  • Logbook Entry Approval, Rejection and Re-approval

  • Instant access to Major follow-ups and Shift Activities

  • Admin Module

-  User configuration

- User-Location authentication

-  User-Report authentication

-  Facility to add Additional comments for particular shift and location by system admin

-  User credential configuration



  • Simple Easy and Quick to use Interface to record shift activities

  • Centralized database

  • Smooth Shift Handover: It’s becoming immensely difficult for everybody in operation to keep a soft and hard copy records. It’s also very unsafe to operate the plant without reading the previous shift records. Shift handover will be smooth using this.

  • Historical data retrieval using various search options for reference

  • Improved workflow

  • Ability to add other solutions and integrate with other solutions

  • Easy access to all the data

  • Color coded information for better visibility

  • Instant Data Calculation

  • Increased Data Integrity

  • Secured Logbook

  • Ease of Data Retrieval.

  • Simple to create variety of reports and identify potential problem areas

  • Allows quick Search to Achieved Data.

  • Intelligent Management of Time and Resources