Smart Rooster

Smart Rooster ™ - An alarm system which also has a text to speech converter which alarms the user about any alerts in the Industry. A complete alarm system, which has been packaged for the industry needs.

Smart Rooster ™ device helps you to track down the faults that are taking place like Fire, Temperature of the boilers etc.



  • Connect with any DCS/SCADA/PI
  • Built-in logic parser for defining alarm condition
  • Voice Recording for each alarm is NOT required
  • Built-in Text to Speech Engine
  • Priority based voice alarm
  • Password protected access
  • Cost effective, Robust, Flexible and Customizable suite.
  • Exclusively built-in for industrial automation needs
  • Built-in comprehensive alarm event log



  • Instantaneous voice alert for operators
  • User configurable voice alarm texts
  • User definable alarm condition
  • Small foot print
  • Single suite for data collect, analyze and voice output
  • Easy to operate, maintenance free suite


System Requirements

  • Operating System Windows XP and above
  • Pentium 4 Processor- Speed 2GHz & above
  • 32 bit / 64 bit processor
  • Audio card installed & configured
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Ethernet connectivity to server
  • Access to SQL Server 2008 DB where the
  • parameter is getting stored
  • Admin access in the PC (where the software will run) during installation
  • Dot Net framework installed
  • MS Office 2003 & above