Server Watchdog


Server Watchdog monitors the server and also the server environment. It also has the facility to connect temperature, fire, smoke, humidity sensors which are installed in the server room. Whenever a server goes down or any other alarm gets activated, the device generates varieties of alarms such as pre-recorded voice alarm to alert the nearby users, SMS alerts & pre-recorded voice based call alerts to remote users. In addition to that it can generate e-mail alerts also so that user has the convenience of looking into the alarm conditions. All these types of alerts are completely configurable depending on the user requirements. Server Watchdog can monitor internet based servers also, apart from the intranet based servers and any other IP based devices. Our product will be a worthy investment for securing both the hardware assets and data assets.






  • Sends SMS about online / offline status of the server
  • Up to 20 servers can be scanned at regular intervals
  • Monitor the server room temperatures / fire / smoke sensors
  • Facility to hook up humidity and other sensors
  • Different kinds of configurable alerts
  • Has voice/email/SMS/call alerts
  • Server name/IP address, mobile numbers, alert type etc are configurable
  • Able to monitor both local and internet based servers
  • Has relay outputs for any control actions



  • Quick and assured alerts for server status
  • Monitors the server room
  • Standalone system and no risk of virus attacks
  • Ready to configure andd easy to use
  • Low power consumption



  • Industrial automation server rooms
  • IT and IT enabled industry server rooms
  • Data hosting centres
  • Bank & hospital server rooms





1  Power Supply  9-32 VDC, or 230VAC external power adapter
2  Interfaces  10BaseT, 100BaseTx Ethernet
3  Protocol supported  HTTP, DHCP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, SNTP, ICMP
4  Device Configuration  Through inbuilt web server
5  Network recovery  USB port
6  Temperature Inputs  4nos of 2wire/3wire PT100
7  Digital Inputs  6 inputs 5to24 VDC for smoke and other sensors
8  Analog Inputs  2nos of 4-20mA inputs
9  Relay Outputs  2nos-24VDC/10A, 250VAC/5A
10  Storage capacity  4GB MicroSD card
11  Voice file supported  *.Wav, 16bit stereo
12  GSM Module  GSM 850MHz, EGSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz, and PCS 1900MHZ
13  Antenna  External Antenna
14  Operating Temp  0 º to +55ºC



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