Report Generation Solution


Report Generation Utility has a browser based front-end user interface and a Windows service back-end for processing and generating the actual reports. A set of web interfaces will be provided for the end user to configure and view generated reports as needed.The application has client-server architecture integrated with SCADA through the back-end of the system. The utility’s core report processing engine has been built in such a way that it is compatible to gather data and communicate with both the SCADA systems.




  • Interface with industry standard Historian systems.

  • Reports can be generated from Analogueand SOE Data

  • Schedule automatic report generation.

  • Unlimited number of reports can be scheduled.

  • Email/Print scheduled reports

  • Historical Data Reports

-  View Reports in Web Browser

-  Facility to configure and upload preconfigured Excel Report Template

-  Generate reports in Excel document

-  Schedule the reports

-  Send scheduled reports via emails

  • Admin Sections for managing and configuring the Users, Access Permissions, SMTP, Data Source, Printer and Branding

  • Excel Add In:- Transforms Microsoft Excel into Reporting tool

  • Easily compare data from different time ranges

  • Create scheduled or Ad-HOC Reports easily

  • Connect to primary/secondary Historians

  • Pull processed and raw data. Basic aggregate functions support (sum, avg, count, min & max).

  • Real-time Dashboards - real-time data access turns Microsoft Excel into a simple dashboard for keeping track of your system, from the comfort of your office.

  • Calculate KPIs, color code, trend, and analyze them all in real-time.

  • Highly customizable designs and layouts of Excel Reports

  • Ad-HOC Reports export into .CSV, Excel and HTML formats

  • Reports can be saved on multiple locations (network shared/Network Hard-drive)

  • Excel reports can be viewed directly inside the browser (in HTML format).



  • Capture, Monitor and Track Plant operational parameters.

  • Historical data presentation in Graphical and Tabular structured reports.

  • Customized Excel Report Design configuration and Generation.

  • Export Reports in MS Excel Format.

  • Automatic Email Notification of Generated Reports.

  • Scheduled Report Generation.