Modbus Voice Alert


Voice Alert Module is a unique and an innovative product which can generate pre-recorded voice alerts based on the commands on Modbus TCP/IP network. In the industry generally hooters/buzzers are used to alert the users in case of alarms. In such scenario the users understand that it is an emergency but they have to go through the SCADA or HMI to understand the alarms and this causes time delay. With our Voice Alert module user can instantly get to know the alarm information through the pre-recorded voice messages and save time and be well equipped to handle the situation.






  • Modbus TCP/IP trigger based voice alert
  • Up to 4GB of voice data
  • Repeat play option
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Web-based configuration with password protection
  • Network recovery through USB port
  • Logs the alerts with RTC time stamping
  • Supports .WAV format with different sampling frequency
  • Stereo voice output
  • Firmware update feature for future up gradation



  • Pre-recorded voice alerts for different alarms
  • Clear voice for notification of alarms
  • Enable the user for quick action
  • Industry standard Modbus TCP/IP interface
  • Multilingual voice alarm for different users
  • Audio alarm can be extended to faraway place from the control room
  • Simple and easy to integrate
  • Less power consumption



  • Industrial Automations
  • Building Automations
  • Fire safety panels
  • General Alarm notifications





1  Power Supply  9-32VDC or 230VAC external power adapter
2  Interfaces  10/100MB base Ethernet
3  Network recovery  USB port
4  Protocol supported  Modbus TCPIP Slave
5  Storage  MicroSD card 4GB
6  Configuration  Web-based
7  Supported file format  *.Wav
8  Supported sampling frequency  8KHz, 32KHz, 44.1KHz 16bit stereo
9  Voice output  Stereo socket for further amplification
10  Operating temperature  -20º to +70º Celsius
 (subjected to MicroSD card temperature)
11  Storage Temperature  -45º to +85º Celsius
12  Box Dimension  132mm X 93mm X 36mm



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