Smart Energy Management System



Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) can read any parameter/energy data from the different sensors/ energy meters. With our user friendly interfaces, the user can view energy data online from any location, which makes this extremely convenient for a user to monitor the energy data from any location geographically. Smart EMS makes it really simple for you to view and manage your energy usage and save money on your energy bills.

Smart EMS allowing you to view your energy usage directly using Gauranga Smart EMS software. This application is ideal for manufacturing plants, industries, shopping malls, commercials and non-commercials apartments/buildings..


  • Data Logging

  • Meter Status (Connected/Not-Connected)

  • Alarms

  • MIMIC View     

- Live data on screen

- Facility to upload the background image for particular MIMIC

  • Historical Data Reports

- View Reports in Web Browser

- Generate reports in Excel document

- Alarm Reports

  • Trends

- Live Trends for observing Live Data from multiple meters

-  Historian Trends with multiple Y axes for comparing and observing Historical Data from multiple meters and MFM’s

  • Admin Screens for managing and configuring the Users, Parameters, MFM’s, Meters, MIMICs, Trends, Alarms

  • Browser based application

  • Capture the data various Meters and MFM’s



  • Capture, Monitor and Track MFM parameters

  • Real time data presentation in Alarm, MIMIC and Trend

  • Historical data presentation in Tabular structured reports and Trend

  • Export Reports in MS Excel document

  • View Historical Data

  • Module wise user authentication

  • View Meter Status