Embedded Systems

Gauranga Soft-Tech can help with design and development of embedded systems. Our clients can leverage our embedded systems expertise to develop their products, solutions and offerings.

Embedded Solution:

Embedded Systems Services

We have helped our clients with various technologies:

  • Porting of RTOS on a custom developed hardware.
  • Device Driver / Firmware development on any hardware platforms, Device Driver development for HMIs like SIMPLICITY etc, Windows device driver development
  • Network Protocol Implementation on any platforms, Implementation of protocol stacks like TCP/IP, PPP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, etc on the target systems
  • Developing software for communicating over RS232, RS485, ETHERNET, CAN, USB, RF, LON, Mobile communication (GSM)
  • Development and integration of PLCs and their control systems with PC, PC based control and data acquisition software.
  • Development and integration of RFID devices and provide end to end solution


Hardware Design services

Gauranga Soft-tech can help with hardware design, development and manufacturing. Gauranga Soft-tech has custom hardware manufacturing facility for low to mid volume hardware manufacturing. Our clients can leverage our custom manufacturing services for hardware prototyping and to manufacture hardware products and components designed and developed by Gauranga Soft-tech. Following are some of services we can provide:

  • Design , Development and manufacturing of embedded boards, including firmware and PC interface software.
  • Development of hardware, firmware using various microcontrollers and processors (8051 family, Microchip, AVR, Rabbit, 80188Ex etc).



  • Drives and Controllers -Interfaces.
  • CAN interfaces - Automotives, Aerospace and industrial products
  • DeviceNet or ControlNet.
  • BACNet – Building automation.
  • ARNIC 429, 825 Protocols.
  • Wifi – Remote diagnosis etc.
  • Modbus TCP/IP.
  • SCADA.


System House

  • System integration: end-to-end custom/readymade solutions.
  • Product installation, deployment and configuration.
  • Product technical support (Remote and/or Onsite), training.